Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter/Spring Daisy Nail Art Tutorial

Hello everyone! So seen as its the Easter weekend and I had a bit of extra time on my hands, I decided to paint my nails all fancy. It was while I was gathering my tools and polishes that the idea hit me! What better way to start off my new blog than with pretty daisies? None! So I busted out my camera, and got snapping as my naked nails started their Easter transformation. The Daisy design itself is very simple, but if you're new to nail art it may take a bit of practice. Now let's get started!

For this nail art design you will need:
A base coat
A base colour (I like pastel colours for spring)
A white nail polish
A yellow nail polish
A dotting tool or toothpick
A top coat

Now before you start opening any of those pretty polishes, you want to prep your nails. This mean removing any old nail polish, making them the desired length, filing them down, pushing back your cuticles, you know all the boring stuff. Once all that's done you can apply your base coat of choice, I love this one from Collection, it prevents my nails from staining perfectly and is so affordable.

Then its time to add your base colour of choice, I decided to go for a pastel blue. But almost any colour will work with this design, so get creative! Coat each nail evenly with your base colour until opaque, this may take a few coats depending of which polish you are using.

Once your base colour is dry you can then begin painting on your Daisies. To do this blob some white nail polish onto an old plate, or something similar you don't mind ruining, I've used an old candle lid. Then take your dotting tool or toothpick and draw a line in the area you want your Daisy to be, the length of this line will determine the size of your Daisy. Then from the center of that line paint two diagonal lines, so it starts to look like a snowflake.

TIP: The white polish will soon go gloopy on your plate so just add more of the polish, so it doesn't drag and ruin your design.

Then do the same to the bottom of the flower, painting two diagonal lines from the center of that first line. To finish off the petals paint a horizontal line through the center of the flower. Now you should have eight pretty petals. If some of your petals are not so perfect just lightly touch them up, however don't fuss too much otherwise it could go from bad to worse very quickly ( much personal experience!).

For this next step I used a slightly larger dotting tool, if you don't have one then a bobby pin or a sharp pencil will work just as well. With that same white polish you want to randomly place a few dots around your Daisies, this will help break up the solid blue and make your design look more finished.

Next wipe clean your dotting tool, before blobbing your yellow polish onto your old plate. Then simply dip the tool into the yellow and add a yellow dot to the center of each Daisy. Easy!

To prevent smudging wait for your design to fully dry before adding your topcoat of choice.

All Done!

I love this design, especially for this time of year! It's so pretty and simple that it will complete any spring outfit. I would love to try it with a different base colour next time, maybe a pink or a green! What do you guys think? Something you would try to recreate yourself this spring?

Thank you for reading. Happy Easter. Toodle Pip! xxxx

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